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Bio-Diesel fuel

bio diesel fuel for trucking company support for our local economy.

Bio-diesel fuel is made from vegetable oils extracted from crops like sunflowers, corn, soy beans, etc. that are grown by U. S. farmers. You should also be aware that it can be made out of animal fats as well.

Here are some other things that make the idea of converting to bio-diesel very interesting.

Bio-diesel and itís compatibility with rubber. Bio-diesel is a solvent and overtime will degrade any natural rubber in a engines fuel system. Natural rubber parts only appear primarily in vehicles made before 1993. After 1993 most automotive producers started using synthetic rubber or metal parts exclusively. The following materials are also adversely affected by stronger blends of bio-diesel: Nitrile, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl, Tygon, and Fluoro silicons. These materials can be replaced with Teflon, Nylon or Viton.

Convert your trucking company over to bio fuel or bio-diesel and help support our local economy.
Get your trucking company refitted for bio-diesel and help our local economy.

Good things about converting your truck to bio-diesel: Itís cleaning Effect. Petroleum diesel forms sediment that sticks to and accumulates in your fuel tank. Over time this accumulation will form a layer of sludge in your tank. Bio-diesel will dissolve and clean these deposits removing them from your fuel tank, fuel lines, and engine. It is very possible once this gummy material is disolved by the bio-diesel the material will be flushed through your fuel system and canl clog your fuel filter, you may need to change your fuel filter one or more times should this happen - big deal considering you get a cleaner motor that will last longer.

If your an ice trucker: Cold Flow. Like any diesel fuel, bio-diesel can gel up at low temperatures; however, the gel point for 100% bio-diesel is higher than petroleum diesel. To date, no anti-gel additives exist for B100 (pure bio-diesel).  As a result it is not recommended you use bio-diesel products in temperatures below 40ļ F. If you run on ice or cold weather we recommend blending at least a 50% petroleum diesel blend in the tank of your truck.  You are still reducing horrible emissions and by 50% and helping you own economy so no worries you are still doing more than your part; read exactly why.

Watch Willie Nelson and hear what he has to say about bio-diesel:

Can Bio-Diesel replace crude oil?

What is jatropha? - tell a farmer.

What is Peak Oil?

More educational movies.

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Please consider getting your truck refitted today so you can reduce emissions and help keep our local economy and farmers healthy rather than a distant one!

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