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Shipping costs and shipping estimates tools online.

Global shipping cost estimator tool.

Our oversize cost shipping estimator tool.

In 3 hours you will have multiple non-binding, no obligation quotes from real carriers.

Online shipping cost estimators information.

Shipping costs and estimators for shipping freight can be a good thing if you are just trying to get a general idea of “how much will it cost”.  But reality there is a HUGE gap in the pricing. Say for instance you want to ship 1,000 pounds of household goods from Portland, Oregon to Kansas City, MO. You enter your information and the calculator will tell you between $705 and $2,300. WOW! There’s a $1600 variable my friend.  Why are the numbers so broad?  The tool is designed to get you to call or post it to their website, not to give you a real quote. So yes, it a gimmick.  Or better yet is the online shipping cost tool that gives you a quote for the same shipment and gives you a number like $400. This is simply too good to be true, an it is.  Once again this is just a gimmick to pull on your ear from their salesman. Trust me you will hear and excuse like “well, normally we offer that rate but it’s produce season right now and with the shortage of trucks at this time of the year we’d be lucky to be able to do it for $2,700 but let me call in a few favors with our main terminal and get back to you”  He comes back with a quote for $1,900 and hour later and you take the bait. Ouch!

We are in a very competitive world these days and to survive this is the way it works. If you need “about how much” quote use this link. It’s fairly fair id that makes any sense.  If you want a reasonable shipping cost quote that is from a conglomerate of trucking companies you are more than welcome to use our service.  For “ship date” just insert the word “quote” and they will know what you are doing.  What our system does in notifies a whole bunch of reliable carriers that are part of our network and they will get you a solid real number either by phone or email which over you prefer. You can do that here for free and you don’t need to create an account or be obligated to anything.  You’ll get no sales call later on down the road. It is what is is; a realistic way to get a quote without calling all over the place.

Shipping cost and online shipping estimator tools that work, free.

Online shipping cost quotes and estimates, free.

Free online shipping costs and estimator quotes.

We connect you with the right machinery movers and equipment moving companies in North America shipping to all points including international shipping for private parties and business. Oversize flatbed trucking and heavy haul trucking company in every U.S. City, Canada, Mexico and Alaska.

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